Plan Your Bay of Fundy Vacation

So, you've decided to come visit the Bay of Fundy. Great!

Here we provide a checklist of fifteen attractions to include in your itinerary. The list is in order around the bay, starting at the New Brunswick border with Maine. Click on each to learn what you will see and why we included it.
We could have included a number of other locations, for example Advocate Harbour Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, and other locations along the bay such as the charming university town of Wolfville. If you are up to a fairly rigorous hike, we highly recommend adding Cape Split to the checklist. If you time it correctly, from the end of the trail you will hear the waters of the bay rushing past this point on an incoming tide. Back on the New Brunswick side, Campobello Island provides a different Fundy island experience from Grand Manan. If you are making your visit in early to mid August, be sure to include a visit to Johnson Mills or Marys Point in New Brunswick to observe the huge flocks of sandpipers who pause here to eat mud shrimps before they fly non-stop to South America.

To get more information on all these locations, and more, check out the
New Brunswick or Nova Scotia tourism sites.

We hope you have a perfect vacation!