St. Martins and Fundy Trail Parkway

The village of
St. Martins is the gateway to the Fundy Trail Parkway. The Fundy Trail Parkway has parallel low speed parkway road for driving and walking/biking trails. There are frequent spots to stop, and periodic access to the beach through side trails. This section of the coast is natural, unspoiled and incredibly beautiful.

You can get a good idea of what you will see through the series of photos from the
Fundy Trail Parkway lookout points available here. The trail has minor flowerpot rocks, not to be confused with those at Hopewell Cape, but very beautiful. Long Beach is a very beautiful location.

While part of the Fundy Tail Parkway has been in operation for many years, Phase II is now almost complete and will connect the parkway to the highway near Fundy National Park. It is slated to be formally opened in 2018.

It is easy to walk as much, or as little, as you want. There are lots of stopping spots. The walk along the Fundy Trail Parkway itself is easy hiking on well prepared trails (there is also a more wild Fundy Footpath - see next paragraph). Walk at least part of it if you are able at all. While much more limited than the Nova Scotia Cabot Trail, the Fundy Trail is every bit as beautiful.

For seasoned well prepared hikers, the Fundy Footpath starts here and extends all the way to Fundy National Park. Get details on the
Fundy Footpath here. Note that you should purchase a trail package at the Interpretive Centre which includes tide tables and map. Because the path involves some parts along the beaches which must be traversed at low tide, and other parts involve scrambling along cliffs, make sure you are able and prepared before starting.

There is a cost for using the park. If planning to visit it a number of times, a seasonal pass may be your best option. Find
pricing information here.

St. Martins offers a chance to see two of the more interesting covered bridges of the province, located side by side. Don't forget your camera!

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